Amanea Conruptela (The Siren of the Void)

Agile, intelligent, quiet female destined to change the world ... no matter what the cost


Ama: beauty,beautiful
Nea: the night
Conruptela: corruption, seduction

The Siren of The Void: A seductress looking to lure passerby’s into the wondrous nature of The Song

Lawful Evil

Amanea is a 120 year old female Wood Elf. Amanea stands approximately 5 foot tall 2 inches. She has long, brown hair that reaches her waist, piercing green eyes, and very fair skin. She is very thin, with a busty chest and muscular arms and legs. She prefers to use a combination of both archery and spellcasting in order to defeat her opponents. Amanea is very strong willed and a quick thinker, ready to act on a moment’s notice. She is patient, quiet, and extremely intelligent. Speaking only when necessary, providing bouts of wisdom and knowledge from both previous scholarly studying and personal life events.

Amanea often uses her beauty and charm to seduce and manipulate those around her to do as she wills. This is something she prides herself highly on.

Amanea can be seen wearing dark and forest green hooded robes, embellished with gold linings. She is often seen to be wearing a brown corset underneath her robes, as well as knee-high boots designed for agility and stealth.

Amanea has no preference for men or women, and learned very early on that she could use her beauty in order to manipulate people into giving her what she both wanted and needed. Amanea has immense charm, and often people do not realize the powerful effect she has over them.


Amanae was born in the Old Rolando mountain range before the collapse of the Rolandon Empire in a city called Casimiro. Through her parents sacrifice, Amanae escaped and lived a life of fear and poverty in Florentino at age 12.

For the next 48 years Amanae lived alone on the streets as a beggar, where she discovered that she was a highly skilled sorceress. She created a friendship and mentorship with a local bard who taught her how to skillfully use a bow and arrow, to hunt, and to identify herbs, plant, and animal life.

At the young age of 60 years, Amanea went out on a journey to discover her truths. Amanea lived in a rich forest by herself, far from Florentino and closer to the Dark Line foraging the land and spending time amongst animals. After spending many years as a hermit studying a wide variety of topics (namely religion, medicine, and the undead) Amanea decided to venture further outside of the forest.

Amanea left the forest in search of further knowledge of the undead, where she returned to her hometown of Casimiro. She would often spend time in the darkness of ruins of the Casimiro mountains. There were often things in these ruins that would whisper to Amanae about the secret of the universe and the secrets of a powerful amulet.

After 60 years of living in the wild and discovering the powers of the amulet, Amanae felt compelled to seek it out. After learning about the ongoing Exodus, Amanae boarded a ship to Lazzar where she was quickly overwhelmed by this strange land and customs.

Minor altercations landed her in a nearby prison, where she met a Thieves Guild who offered her freedom in return for her place in the movement. Seeing no alternative, Amanea agreed, but after some time spent with this guild, learning much about the governments current state and order of laws, Amanae heard rumours of another party seeking out the same amulet that she desired. Amanea left in search of this greater conquest, one which she could use to fulfill her destiny, create a greater nation and remove weakness from the world.

Amanea met the party at a monastery. She informed the party that the amulet that Nyna had hidden was the Conductor’s phylactery, and that Qualin wished to destroy it.

Amanae and the party then performed the ritual necessary to transform Urist and Velris into Death Knights.

The party then set out to acquire the final ingredient for lichdom, Void Vine. Far to the north-west was a library of Confederate origin. Within was a portal to the Void itself, and out of the portal grew Void Vine.

After retrieving the last ingredient to the lichdom poison, Amanae discovered secrets within the Codex that would allow her to perform the ritual without an implanted gem and severed skull. Amanae performed the ritual with Cecil, and was invited into the song with open arms.

After awakening, Amanae took the name The Siren of the Void, as a seductress seeking to lure people in to the wondrous nature of The Song.

Amanea Conruptela (The Siren of the Void)

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