Bryn Helder

Mistress of Fireballs and Wet Willies, The Schlong of Lazar


Bryn is a 19 year old Half-Elf female. When not altering her physical appearance against her will, she stands at 5’6" with short blonde hair and fair skin. She often dresses as a boy, finding pants easier to travel and fight in. While technically an officer in the New Republic army, the only sign she allows herself to show her allegiance to the army is a blue cloak. She carries a staff with her, and several vials of water from the spring near her hometown, which serve as her arcane focus.
Growing up outside of civilization, she has little knowledge, or respect for social hierarchies. Brash, trigger-happy, and childish, but generally well-natured, she cares only for her closest companions, and is slow to trust others, especially other women.


Born and raised in a village near Facrezzo, Bryn had a happy, if uneventful childhood. At least, she did before strange things started happening to, or rather because of, her. At certain times, bursts of magical energy would surge from the small girl, ranging in effect from growing a patch of flowers on the ground to liquefying the nearest small creature. These “hiccups” grew both in intensity and frequency, drawing suspicion from the townsfolk. Bryn’s parents were the only ones on her side, as Bryn’s friends became fearful and the adults became angered. But after one of her hiccups, she lost her last supporters. Walking with her mother, Bryn suddenly burst with an intense light, brighter than the sun. When the glare faded from onlooker’s eyes, they saw everything within 20 feet of her was reduced to charred husks, including the body of her parent. Bryn, filled with guilt, immediately went into a self-imposed exile, spending all of her formative years living alone in the forests, staying out of sight of the village, but never bearing to venture far for long, as the farther she left, the weaker she felt. After several years, Bryn discovered that the spring running through the woods past her village was the source of whatever strange power she possessed, so she bottled some up and ventured out into the world to discover the secrets of this new continent, and to find out if she would ever acquire some sort of grasp on her wild and unpredictable magic.

Bryn Helder

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