Captain Tanelia Capello

Murderous Head of the Palace Guard


With long dark hair hidden beneath her steel helmet, Tanelia Capello wore heavy plate armor into battle atop her nightmarish steed. A glint in her eye and a condescending smile mark her countenance. Now, however, only corroded armor and a rotting, ghoulish corpse continue her legacy.



Unknown to most, Tanelia Capello was once an enforcer for the Confederate Masters of Lazzar, in the years before the Exodus. When the waves of armed Rolandon refugees overwhelmed Lazzar in the year 100 AGD, Tanelia and her fellow enforcers abandoned arms and disappeared into the populace rather than fighting a losing battle.

When the Republic established a new government in occupied Lazzar, Tanelia infiltrated the newly formed Palace Guard, charged with the protection of the new Rolandon governor, Fearus van Raenur. She rose quickly through the ranks, seeding the Palace Guard with thugs, enforcers, and Confederate agents.

In the year 108 AGD, Tanelia, now Captain of the Palace Guard, engineered the assassination of Governor van Raenur, framing a group of Rolandon soldiers with close ties to the Sigfrud Granyte, Commander of the Darkstone Line for the kill. These soldiers were arrested, but escaped their prison, burning it to the ground.

The subsequent chaos, fallout, and power struggle resulted in the arrest and subsequent hanging of Commander Charlay de Boert, head of the Lazzar garrison and senior military officer of the New Rolando Republic, and the conviction in absentia of Commander Granyte as a traitor to the Republic.

In the meantime, Captain Capello and her bodyguards fled the city, bound for the Rolandon port town of Sardon-by-the-Sea, where secret Confederate agents awaited their arrival. However, Capello never made it, as the group she had framed for the Governor’s murder ambushed her in the swamps of the Dark Shore. In the midst of the fight, she was dragged into a pool of stagnant swampwater by a void-eyed ghoul; it would not be long before she was herself twisted into such a monster by the necromancer of that swamp.

Captain Tanelia Capello

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