Commander Charlay de Boert

Stern Strategist of the Exodus


A hard-nosed tactician, thick salt-and-pepper facial hair framed his harsh expression. Rugged steel armor was worn over his Republic blues. His body now hangs in front of the Governor’s Palace in Lazzar, a warning to the enemies of the Palace Guard.



Charlay de Boert led the armed invasion of Lazzar in the year 100 AGD at the beginning of the Exodus, leading the people of the New Rolando Republic across the sea to escape the encroaching evil of the Great Darkness.

From then until his death in 108 AGD, de Boert served as the Theatre Commander of the Rolandon forces in the New World, and head of the garrison of occupied Lazzar.

After the assassination of the city’s governor, Fearus van Raenur, the Commander was caught freeing one of the soldiers who had been wrongly framed for the killing. With all the rest of the framed killers having escaped from prison and burned the garrison offices to the ground, no witnesses remained to speak to the Commander’s pure intentions, and he was arrested and put to trial.

At the hands of the corrupt Palace Guard of Lazzar, themselves secretly Confederate agents and the true assassins of the Governor, de Boert was convicted of treason and hanged in front of the Palace for all to see. His office and rank are now being filled by a Palace Guard puppet, as the Confederacy continues to extend its hidden stranglehold over the city.

Commander Charlay de Boert

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