Commander Sigfrud Granyte

The First and Last Line of Defense


Deeply scarred and with a grim thousand-yard stare, Sigfrud Granyte has lived his whole life on the front lines of a monstrous war. His greying hair is closely cropped, and he wears heavy battle-worn armor beneath his deep blue cloak.



Sigfrud was born and bred on the Darkstone Line, the string of Rolandon fortresses and castles that serve as the final barrier against the advance of the wave of indescribably evil abominations issuing forth from the Great Darkness.

Climbing the ranks of the Rolandon military because of his bravery and brutality in battle, Granyte was eventually appointed to the role of Theatre Commander of the Darkstone Line, senior military officer of all Rolandon forces in the Old World.

While his first love has always been the battlefield, rumours persist that Granyte’s passion in love rivals his passion in combat. It is said that he has had numerous partners over the years, of every gender and race imaginable. At least one such encounter resulted in the birth of a child, whom the Commander chose to raise as his nephew and squire.

When his unknowing son, whom he hoped would become a beacon of heroism to the Rolandon soldiers, failed utterly to show valour on the Darkstone Line, Granyte sent him across the sea to the occupied city of Lazzar. Granyte intended him as an envoy to the Governor, to request that the New Republic navy begin sending ships back across the Shipwright’s Sea to aid in the ongoing Exodus.

This message never arrived, however, as his son was framed for the Governor’s murder, and subsequently disappeared. Commander Granyte himself was thus declared a traitor by the new leaders of Lazzar ( Confederate puppets of the Palace Guard), though he retains the support of most of the Republic settlements on the Dark Shore.

Now, he is moving his attention back to the war, as the Great Darkness has consumed the Darkstone Line and threatens to overwhelm all of the Old World if bold and fearsome action is not quickly taken.

Commander Sigfrud Granyte

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