Ellens Zeralt

Master Fence


Ellens is quiet and unassuming, with light-brown hair and a passive expression. Her eyes are actually quite light-colored, but this is hidden by the slightly slumped posture she uses to deflect attention. She wears normal clothes, sticking to whatever simple lower-class fashion abounds in Lazzar.

She seems omnipresent around the Thief’s Guild headquarters, popping up whenever someone needs something, or needs to get something sold. She speaks quietly, except when conducting business, in which case she switches to a clear and precise voice. She tends to keep to herself outside of her role as a fence, and will dodge questions about her past.


A mid-level member of the old Thief’s Guild of Lazzar, Ellens was one of the highest ranking members to survive the purge following the Palace Guard’s coup. She is now the Guild’s master fence.

Her brother is Martin Zeralt.

Ellens Zeralt

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