Governor Fearus van Raenur

Cold, Dead Figure-Head


A noble-blooded man in fine robes of midnight blue. Fearus had thick hair of golden blonde on his face and head, a match for the diamond-studded gold jewelry he often wore. The end of his reign saw his midnight robes soaked in his blood, as he sat cold and dead upon his throne.



Fearus van Raenur, born to the mayor of the refugee city of Desiderio, lived a life of relative privilege compared to most of the Rolandon people in the Old World. The wealth and office of his family kept him insulated from the horrors faced on the Darkstone Line.

When the first wave of the Exodus seized the city of Lazzar from the Cesarin Confederacy in the year 100 AGD, van Raenur was sent to assume the Governorship of the occupied city. With the support of the Rolandon soldiers, van Raenur had little trouble asserting his control over Lazzar.

Once it became clear that the other Confederate isles were too well fortified to continue the invasion of the Magiatorri Archipelago, Governor van Raenur focused instead on the colonization of the mainland. Settlements were founded and aggressively colonized in the regions of New Lotario and the Dark Shore.

However, this concentration on expansion left van Raenur blind to the dangers growing in Lazzar. The Palace Guard, his bodyguards and administrators, was becoming increasingly hostile to the Republic. Tanelia Capello, the Captain of the Palace Guard, was an undercover Confederate agent, and was turning the Guard against the Governor.

Ultimately, in the year 108 AGD, Captain Capello and her closest guards murdered Governor van Raenur in his own throne-room, framing a group of innocent Rolandon soldiers for the deed. With the Governor’s death, the Palace Guard staged a vicious coup, seizing power of the administration and military of Lazzar, installing Confederate puppets in all the positions of authority. His untimely death has paved the way for a secret Cesarin takeover of the city, which only the intervention of loyal Republic freedom fighters has any chance to stop.

Governor Fearus van Raenur

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