Joan Kingsley

Retired Ranger - Wily and Weary


Well-muscled (but badly scarred) old woman, with thin brown hair and tired eyes; usually cranky


Going on 63 years old, Kingsley spent the earliest years of her life on the long journey across the sea, and was one of the first Rangers in the colony, and joining the Corps as soon as she came of age. After a long and illustrious career in monster-hunting, with a kill-count rumored to be rivaled only by Braddock himself, Kingsley withdrew from field duty to take up an administrative role. When told of the opportunity to oversee the new Corps branch in the burgeoning frontier town of Hockley, Kingsley jumped at the chance to help train and guide the new recruits, sure, under her tutelage, to become the Ranger’s best and brightest. She wields a greataxe rumored to be twice as old as she, and nearly as notched and scarred; its name is one of her most closely guarded secrets.

Joan Kingsley

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