Rin Toriano

Aspirant Duelist


Rin shares his light hair with his sister, Rosa. His gaze extends from light eyes, over a nigh-permanent smirking scowl. He is of average height, with a somewhat muscular build around a thin frame. He tends to wear white and red clothes mixed into light duelist’s armor. He is almost never without his signature sword, a light blade wielded in a loose, one-handed grip.

He is often sarcastic in speech, cocky and fun, sliding through conversations with casual and vaguely disdainful grace. That said, he is very amicable, and is only really put off by his over-protectiveness for his sister.


Rin and his sister Rosa are scions of house Toriano of Angelino. They are on a mission to rediscover lost branches of their family settled in the New Republic.

He is accompanied in this venture by his friend Kodan.

When the three ran into the Thief’s Guild in Lazzar, Rin was captured by members of the Thief’s Guild. After negotiating his release in exchange for a term serving the Guild, he guided guildmembers in finding his sister.

Rin Toriano

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