Rosa Toriano

Aspirant Rogue


Rosa shares her almost-white hair with her brother, Rin. Her skin is pale, and her expression is often distant. She is of medium height, and is quite strong. She often wears a loose red or black cloak over light armor.

She has a tendency to be well-prepared for any situation, employing acid flasks and alchemist’s fire with the same glee she shows when wielding her crossbows. She is sarcastic and quick-witted in conversation. She can be very suspicious, almost paranoid. She has a particular fear and dislike for shapeshifters.


Rosa and her brother Rin are scions of house Toriano of Angelino. They are on a mission to rediscover lost branches of their family settled in the New Republic.

She is accompanied in this venture by Rin’s friend Kodan.

When the three ran into the Thief’s Guild in Lazzar, Rosa escaped after an encounter with a City Council member. She was tracked down by the Guild, and agreed to serve a term with them before moving on.

Rosa Toriano

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