Seth Geyhig

Strong, Just, Oblivious


Strong, Just, Oblivious. These words define Seth Geyhig’s existence. He travels the world, spreading his burning passion for his holy Master. Under direction by the voice of God, and with a mantra to see the best in the most unlikely people, Seth seeks to create an honest, warm, great world.

An imposing figure, this human paladin of 35 years seems almost able to resist attacks by sheer faith alone. Wielding a magical shapeshifting weapon, decorated in iron and red granite, and announcing its existence with sparks and fire, Seth wields his tool of enkindling divinity with delight.
This magical knight has also shown great skill in conjuring up Divine magic to dispatch the unworthy. His excellent perception of good and evil allows him to see well, even into magical darkness. To purge the sin from his foes, Seth can project purifying flames from his hands, and even launch the Holy Force of his Master at his foes. He even has claimed that the light of his soul is so pure, that the shadows Seth casts may take physical form, revealing the truth of the world, such as the divine forms of Great Beings of Divinity.


Born into a well-to-do family in Angelino, Seth Geyhig found himself entrusted to the position of book keeper of the library of the Silver Order, a group of demon hunting knights. Though not particularly gifted in attention, education, understanding, or all around intelligence, he did enjoy looking at the pictures of the books he managed. Though his official position was designated Librarian of the Order, he found that lifting heavy stacks of tomes was something he was suited to. Though the others in the order called him the dumb muscle, he found both solace and pride in the environment of his work. For years since his childhood, although he trained with the other knights, he was never accepted as a proper paladin. Having swore no oath, his official role was strictly clerical.
Managing the books of demonic lore, he was required to know the languages of the tomes, largely abyssal and infernal. Though he has only a rudimentary understanding, he can make out the general meaning of the languages.
One fateful evening, while sorting through the books of the library, he stumbled upon a tome that he had no recollection of. Bound by a strange leather, and an iron lock, warm to the touch, the volume seemed to call to Seth. He set out several candles, and began to read the demonic text, sounding out the syllables aloud as he read.

After several hours, having made a good 4 page dent into the weighty tome, he came upon a passage that strangely seemed to glow as though the letters and decorative woodcut images were alight.
It read thusly:

Rwy’n gwerthu fy enaid i’r diafol sy’n llawer cachu, Lleiaf ei fod yn dod gydag ychydig o deganau fel pryd o fwyd hapus, Mae’r gêm hon fe allech chi byth yn ennill, Achos eu bod yn caru chi, yna maent yn eich casáu, yna maent yn caru chi eto, Ewch i ffwrdd o ddiflastod i mi, Ewch i ffwrdd o unigrwydd mi, Ewch i ffwrdd oddi wrthyf geist ffug, ni allaf gymryd y celwydd.

A loose translation Seth could make out indicated that what he was reading over was some form of diplomatic agreement between two godly beings. In actuality, he had spoken aloud the demonic invocation rites to Lord Asmodeus. Upon finishing the passage, Seth felt as though something within the back of his head had begun shifting. Though not painful, he was shocked and nauseated until the calming, quiet, deep voice of God made itself known.

His Master echoed through his mind, and shook Seth’s bones. “My child… you have joined a noble cause. This world, sinful and selfish, requires a beacon of light such as yourself. You shall be as a torch, the burning flame of purification, my own right hand”.

It was now plainly obvious to Seth that the only reasonable course of action was to not question the words of God. Under divine instruction, Seth proceeded to set the library ablaze, as such demonic knowledge was too far beyond the understanding of mortals. Following this, Seth grabbed a large, decorative maul, set on a pedestal on display in the now enkindled library, and set to work.

There were no survivors.

For a time, Seth made his way across the Confederacy, extracting the sin from the unworthy, purifying them with holy flames of judgement, smashing their faces in with a maul, and being a beacon of truth and justice to the world.

His Master mostly kept his words of guidance minimal, but would direct Seth to seek out individuals for various, just purposes.

In the Warring States

On the island of Angelino, inside a tavern, Seth again heard his Master’s words, directing him to join with a noble group of adventurers, to act as an ambassador of honor with them, and assist their holy quest.

This group seemed like the most valiant, honourable, and honest set of companions whom Seth had yet joined forces with on his quest.
Among them,
A champion of the common people who sought to raise the weakened to the status of nobility
A virtuous scholar seeking to limit the grief of the world by prolonging life and giving the doomed another shot at life
A bold knight who would stop at nothing to hone his skills to a sharpened point
A great and patient monk whose affection for life ran through his blood and soul granting him the strength of those who shared their life with him
And a devout priest of Seth’s Master with aims to bring the glorious warmth of The Master to all in the world.

Seth travelled with the group for some time, meeting such wonderous and devout figures such as a choir of the blessed, an individual who must be very good at hugs, a skilled and pious healer and scholar, an eccentric prophet of God, and a lovely lady whose horse is tragically malnourished.

Along the way, he also assited in bringing just deliverance to a group of heretics who attacked a man of the cloth. Their kindly donation of their armour was greatly appreciated. Though their blood seeped into the cape, Seth preferred the bold red colour anyway.

Eventually, it came to pass that his Master felt that Seth’s journeys with this troupe of noble heroes had run its course, as they were assuredly holy, but not precisely the shining examples of greatness that they seemed to be. Along with the priest, Torment, Seth voyaged across the sea to assist in the search for a great holy artefact, and new lands to spread the good word of his Master to.

Arriving in a faraway continent, Seth and Torment found themselves faced with terrifying beasts, untamed wilds, great magical powers, and unprecedented opportunity. This new land seemed ripe for harvest. The flames of the Master would soon purge and beautify the world. After all, ashes make excellent fertilizer for the most beautiful of flowers.

In Carleon

Arriving in the massive port capital of Carleon, Seth found himself, along with Torment, drawn into a mysterious and powerful organization of monster hunters, called The Rangers. Travelling with a particularly sneaky halfling, and an equally crafty bard, the four set off to hunt down all forms of wicked beasts. Through this, Seth found excellent ways to use his abilities to spread his devotion and even forge alliances with many troubled and oppressed souls.

Through these trials though, Torment and Seth became in need of greater power to defeat their foes, some of whom were even immune to all but the most potent of holy magic. In a time of great need, Torment called out to beseech his master for greater strength to smite a particularly fearsome threat. The Divine one answered with trepidation and limited immediate success, giving Seth his first trial of faith.

Upon learning that the group would soon travel to investigate rumours of a lich in the regions held by the worshippers of Pelor, Seth knew that his faith would continue to be tested. Seth and Torment puzzled over how their master could have not simply vanquished their deadly foes earlier, and were troubled by the possibility that their master did not have the strength to do so. After all, if anyone was a righteous man, it was surely Torment. Torment ventured the possibility that perhaps their god had been weakened somehow, and was fighting simply to survive. Torment vowed that should this be the case, he would seek to merge with and add his strength to their Master.

His valiant mission given new fuel, Seth swore on his honour as a paladin that he would fight without recourse to save their Master. An Oath was sworn to the urgent mission, granting Seth increased divine favour. The Oath of the Conflagration was taken.

The Oath of the Conflagration’s Tenets
Grow – Just as fire, grow your powers at any and every opportunity. Never refuse a gift, and take whatever resources that would help your holy quest.
Consume – All who stand in the way of this holy flame are as fuel.
Blaze – Carve the most direct path. In diplomacy and in combat, do not draw out any struggles so that you blaze a trail for yourself and your allies to continue on your holy quest.
Spread – A fire cannot live where there is no fuel. Do not linger in one place for long, consume its resources to benefit your quest, and move on.

Seth Geyhig

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