Torment is a brooding Tiefling. With red skin, and gold eyes, Torment is often seen as being more infernal than his brethren. He has a black cloak that he wears. Typically he will keep his hood up to mask his visage. Broad in the shoulder Torment is actually 38 years old. By no means old Torment is beginning g to feel his age. He won’t allow his age to slow him down though.


Torment wasn’t always the devil worshiping monster he is today. Once he was a respected member of the Lazar Confederacy. His role was that of librarian. When word reached him of the Republics invasion he scoured all of the tomes he had at his disposal for a way to drive them back. Eventually he found a tome describing a ritual that would allow communication with Asmodeus Lord of the 9 Hells. Torment then known as Kairon approached the council in his home town with his plan. He envisioned a promotion for himself, after all had he not found a way to drive their enemies away?

When he finished his proposition the council treated him with scorn, and commanded him to abandon his research into the Hells. When he refused to do this the council banished him from the confederacy and stripped him of all his titles. Exiled and alone Torment performed the ritual in solitude. Asmodeus appeared before him demanding why a mortal would summon him. Kairon responded that he wanted revenge. Revenge and power. Asmodeus seeing the potential gave power to this new servant. What he did not know was the monstrous ambition That Kairon hid in his heart. Deep down Kairon planned to usurp the Lord of Hell. After being given His power Kairon took on the new name of Troment. For he would always be tormented by the fear that Asmodeus would discover his ambition.


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