Zelik Dreis

Last Monk Standing


Zelik Dreis is a lean male wood elf with shoulder length dark brown hair. He stands around 5’8" and 140lbs with tanned skin covering his lean build. His skin used to be more of a coppery hue, but in recent months it has paled slightly, and he mostly has stopped disguising this change. His clothing masks the intensity of his training, as callouses and scars speak of adolescent years spent fighting in the pitch black and hunting game with his bare hands. Telltale scars along his knees and the edges of his palms speak of the hunt; the tracking and killing of deer with his bare hands. He also now bears two subtle permanent puncture wounds on the side of his trapezius muscle, though his scarf, clothing and hair keep this from prying eyes.

Even now that he travels frequently, Zelik carries little beyond the essentials. He still carries with him his black merchant’s tunic with a dark grey vest, light black silk scarf and dirt mottled travelling pants in order to function in combat or in his cover as Shennel Kennali, a Republican Baronet-Merchant.

From his mid-forearms to his hands he has dark red wrappings tightly banding his flesh. They constricted his hands to the point where they forced his hand bones to break and then kept them from setting back and healing, keeping them shattered. However, over the Handwraps of Tuning, Zelik wears black leather gloves to hide his sinister weapons. On his hip hangs a smooth frost brand longsword that appears to be made of ice, with an intricate frost pattern crawling along its blade, light mist falling from it as if it was undergoing sublimation.

While Zelik once wrapped himself in a tattered old brown cloak, a covering found on the statue of the Conductor in the Voidstone Order Monastery courtyard, he’s recently been going without, as the cloth fell downwards when he crawls along ceilings. When he retrieved the Handwraps of Tuning, he cloaked himself in the weathered old mantle as well, a tattered but functional piece of cloth that withstood decades, potentially centuries in service of the Conductor.




Zelik Dreis

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