One of the bigger port cities in the Cesarin Confederacy, located on the Sapphire Isle of the Magiatorri Archipelago. The rapid growth of the city has outpaced that of the police and other utilities, turning it into a crime-ridden and unpleasant place. Now, a mob boss going by the name of Hagan has started to consolidate the merchants and suppliers of the city under one banner; his own. This unsavory expansion is putting great stress on the local law enforcement, who are struggling to keep up with Ampelio’s sprawling criminal underground.



  • Red House: The rumored headquarters of Master Hagan’s criminal operation. Despite frequent raids, nothing incriminating has yet been found.
  • Great Tarzan Port: The main harbour of Ampelio, named for one of the first leaders of the island. With many border guards and many ships flowing through, it’s a place where both the lawful and unlawful can find a profit.


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