The Confederate capital of the Ruby Isle in the Magiatorri Archipelago. The spires of Angelino rise high above the cliffs, from which the most powerful magi look down on the Dark Bay and on the city below. The weak and the unenlightened congregate in slums at the bases of the towers, while the rest of the citizens live in the sprawling city that stretches inland from the rocky coast.



  • Dark Bay Pens: A series of sea caves in the base of the Razor Cliffs, used as the city’s ports. Bustling with traders, customs agents, and rebellious young magi.
  • Forum of Angels: A large open plaza in the west of the city, where the people of the city meet for special functions or debates.
  • Tower of the Thirsty: One of the northern-most towers in Angelino, this stone edifice is the home of the secret vampiric cult that call themselves The Thirsty, and their twisted Queen.


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