A Confederate port city located in a break in the Razor Cliffs of the Emerald Isle, part of the Magiatorri Archipelago. It is known as a beacon of efficiency and order, with a high mage population and a well trained police force. Emidio is also known for its many libraries, both public and private, and its large mage university.



  • Great Library of Sala: The largest library on the island, containing many rare and ancient tomes. More common books are made available in a public area, in an effort to foster knowledge. It is named for George Sala, a gambler of great skill, who wagered books to build a library that his fellow commoners could enjoy.
  • School of the Rising Sun: With many sorts of magic available for study, this prestigious school is known for its amazing magical finds and powerful graduates. The school also helps the Emidio law enforcement with magical training to keep the city safe from crime.


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