Lazzar is a city on the southern-most island of the Magiatorri Archipelago. It was founded by the Cesarin Confederacy, which was formed by expansionists and explorers from Old Rolando in centuries past.

It was conquered by the New Rolando Republic in a suprise naval invasion roughly seven years ago. The city was ruled by an appointed governor, and protected by a military garrison and a massive naval presence. Many Cesarin citizens still live in Rolando-occupied Lazzar, and new ships full of refugees from across the sea are coming into port every day.

With the recent assassination of the Governor, control of Lazzar has fallen to the members of the old Palace Guard, who now call themselves the City Council. The Council has been outed as a group of Confederate plants, but still retains control of the city.

Lazzar is home to a powerful Thief’s Guild. It acts in opposition to the Thief’s Guild.

Recently, an excessively sized colony of kobolds has been revealed to live deep in the tunnels under the city.

The regional animal of Lazzar is the chihuahua.




  • Keep: Highly fortified tower held by the Palace Guard/City Council. Used as a center of government after the assassination of the Republican governor.
  • Garrison Barracks: Sleeping quarters and general barracks for the Rolando military in Lazzar. Surrounded by several bars and pubs frequented by Garrison forces.
  • Old Prison: Old Cesarin jail, largely abandoned until the burning of the Garrison Offices.
  • Garrison Offices: Old Cesarin jail, taken over by the Rolando military. Recently consumed in a raging fire, with guards and prisoners alike presumed dead. Now used as a storage space for materials from the other prison.
  • New Street Pub: A small but reputable pub, frequented by supporters of the New Rolando Republic.
  • University Library: A remnant of the mostly defunct University of Lazzar. Contains a respectable collection of books, and houses government archives of public plans and proposals.
  • City Park: A large park islandside, it was recently attacked by terrorists. A new statue of the City Council was stolen and replaced with a chalcalpyrite penis, and the beloved Chihuahua topiary was burnt to the ground.
  • The Sinking Star: A popular, if seedy, inn on the docks. Frequented by mariners, refugees, and criminals alike.

Outer City

  • Governor’s Palace: Formerly the House of Masters of Confederate Lazzar. Repurposed as the residence of the Republic governor, and functional city hall. Located in the city proper.
  • Graveyard: An extensive graveyard. Contains the House Tuyero Crypt, which extends a significant distance under the city.


  • Thief’s Guild: The Thief’s Guild headquarters and bar is located in the tunnels under the city, near the intersection of End St. and Long St.
  • Tunnels: An extensive and ancient tunnel system runs under downtown Lazzar. It is carved from a living, grey-green rock which extends into the foundations of many of Lazzar’s older buildings. Additional tunnels, more recently dug, run under the outer city and connect with the crypts at the graveyard.


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