Naga.gifThe naga are a race of intelligent snake-people inhabiting the Dark Shore. Anatomically, they resemble giant snakes with arms. They stand between 6 to 8 feet tall, but are 9 to 12 feet long from head to tail. They speak a hiss-like language known as Watl.

History and Government

The naga have lived in the Dark Shore for centuries. Records from Old Roldando Republic explorers mention “fearsome snake creatures, deadly with their curved blades and poison fangs”, supporting the idea that naga communities existed during the Old Republic era.

The naga live in villages of mud huts along the marshes of the Dark Shore. These villages are united under the Ajaw (a-HUA), a hereditary monarch. The Ajaw is advised by the High Council, a body of seven naga elected by nobility and the elders from each village. The capital and seat of government is Tik’lan, at the headwaters of the First Spear.

Notable Figures

  • Ajaw Quetzal (KET-zal) the Great: A cunning ajaw who ruled during the Old Republic era. His tomb was raided and his corpse destroyed by members of the Remo 31st Infantry brigade, led by Captain Cassius Rolak. The Amulet of Quetzal was recovered from his body.
  • Yax: Member of the Red Fang, an anti-colonialist movement. Infiltrated the New Republic military and led an assassination attempt on the Governor-General of Remo.
  • Ajaw Uaxaclajunn (ooh-aks-uh-CLA-huan): The current leader of the naga. He is young and has only been ruling for a few years, having recently succeeded his father, Ajaw K’awaiil (kuh-ah-WA-il). He is currently on an expedition with members of the Ramo garrison to the Darkstone Line, and has left the High Council in charge in his stead.


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