Captain Drusilia Nailo

Lady of Morning


The high-elven Drusilia stands 5’7" with piercing green eyes and long flowing golden hair. Having found favour of the God of Rebirth, Lathander, she has a reserve but calm demeanour, and can be seen as being very methodical often taking time to consider her actions before making a decision often coming to the conclusion of a utilitarian perspective: that the best decision is the one that generates the greatest amount of good although not necessarily adhering to the concepts of law and order. She is attune with the world having lived for 187 years and having seen the births and deaths of many men throughout her life, which attributes to her apathetic approach, seeing the actions of races with shorter life spans as nothing more than trivial in grand scheme of things.

She can be seen commonly donning her vestments emblazoned with the symbol of Lathander, and wielding her long sword, Truth Seeker, which has the symbol of Lathander etched into its blade as well as being carved into its pummel. She allows her hair to flow freely, almost as a symbol of defiance towards her noble upbringing, deeming that proper attire is only needed when it is called for, although she does dress in the noble purples if the situation requires so.


The Beginning

Born to the noble Nailo family, Drusilia grew up into a society of prestige and privilege although this upbringing came at the price of personal freedom. So innate prowess in the field of medicine, she venture forth to the Darkstone Line serving as a field medic. where she would meet a young Commander Sigfrud Granyte, who she took a fondness to. It was at this point, she mothered the half-elvish Sergeant Velris Rayne but left him in Graynyte’s care fearing that her parents would not approve of her mothering a half-breed child and sparing the young child a worse fate than abandonment.

Lathander’s Calling


Sometime after her departure to the New Rolando Republic, Drusilia’s interest shifted towards faith particularly into the realms of life and birth perhaps such an interest was peaked by her new found motherhood but regardless this interest eventually led her to the Church of Lathander in Fracrezzo. Pursuing the divine art of healing which due to her experience as a medic was a second nature to her and the blight of the common people only further separated her from her parents who were aware that their daughter had given birth to a half-breed child and were none to pleased about it. The wealth of her family was being squandered in her eyes where it could have been better spent helping those who could not help themselves. Eventually, she would settled down into a mundane life, not one of wealthy, but one where once again she could be of some use to people especially with the blessing of Lathander that was upon her.

Chance Encounters

She would come back to the city of Facrezzo seeking a simpler life far away from the troubles of the Darkstone Line and eventually found her skills in the field useful as she became a secretary to Karras Bloodlurch and serving there until one fateful day a group of adventurers stumbled into the establishment looking to find someone who could transplant a troll’s heart into one of them. Intrigued by this usual request, Drusilia helped oversee the surgery offering to stabilize the young cleric during the procedure which ultimately was successful. From here, she would join the adventurers up and aided them in taking the Voidstone Monastery before departing to the city of Remo where she would stumble upon Captain Rolak in one of the taverns. Rolak’s arrogance had him barter Drusilia for an amulet, much to her displeasure, which led to her taking a neutral stance in the ensuing confrontation and leading her to secretly relay messages to her former party about Rolak’s misinformation.

Darkline Expedition

The party would decide that without the leadership of Cassius Rolak that the best course of action was to try and take back the Darkline aligning themselves with the Naga in order to secure a strong enough force to make their attempt worthwhile, an alliance that although not officially made between the Republic and the Naga but an alliance formed between the Noble House of Nailo. Seeking the protection of the people she swore to protect, Drusilia’s interest has swifted to protecting the Naga from any sort of betrayal, and thus has decided to pursue acquiring a mercenary force strong enough to keep the soldiers of the Republic from committing genocide.


The company would then rally the Orcs to their cause, suggesting that a tournament would be held and thus the winning Orc clan would prove their dominance. When one Orc clan failed to show up however things took a turn for the worse, Drusilia found herself without options declared that she would fight unarmed the Chieftain of the Orc Clan. When things seemed grim however, the company stood strong and though lives were taken the company had secured the respect of the new Chieftain and even offered their condolences with Drusilia going so far as to bless the corpse of her fallen foe that none should desecrate his remains.

The party once again encountered Rolak, now a Nationalist, the day before they were to set out to the Darkline and during this time Drusilia would become a commissioned soldier with the Rolando Republic serving as a Commander. It was during this moment that Rolak and Drusilia reconciled their difference but in truth Drusilia was still untrusting of the retired Captain. The party would arrive in the Old Republic where an old familiar face of Granyte, the father of her child, and made aware that Granyte had not recently seen their child. The small military force of 30 men led by Rolak would take back the city of Bittore, where upon seizing the city from a horde of hobgoblins, Drusilia would proclaim herself “Lady of Bittore” before retiring to contemplate her new found powers of necromancy after almost bringing a skeleton to life and hearing the gentle whispers of the void.

The soldiers would then march to Castle at Darkholt but would be ultimately overwhelmed by a purple fog that besieged them. An angered Rolak would attempt to fight this fog but only worsened the problem resulting in Drusilia sustaining a broken rib during the encounter. Rolak was eventually subdued by his companion, Hastriq, but Drusilia took it upon herself to seize this opportunity to rid herself of Rolak all together seeing him as a liability to their plight however this did not go over well with the Mercernaries that Rolak commanded resulting in Drusilia being attacked by them after causing Rolak to fall unconscious. A chance fireball from Serena Lebalté resulted in her losing her memory and regressing her back to her first experience of the Darkline. Awakening in a lab she was frustrated and unfamiliar with her surroundings, screaming “Where is he?” before being told that she was a cleric of Lathander and a captain in the Rolando Republic army, bewildered by this news she thought it best to take get some fresh air but this only seem to worsen things as she was told she was in Bittore, a city that had been abandoned but in her mind was still a capable stronghold. She would returned to her room and upon waking up the following morning realized that she was entrapped within the confines of the rooms, a result of stone shape spell, which seemed to validate the claims of the medics.

Remembering the path of Lathander, Drusilia accompanied Hastriq, Serena, and Rolak on their quest to retake Darkholt. The purple fog they encountered previously eventually subsided and a great flash of light illuminated the sky and it was then that the party noticed insect-like airships. Sneaking through one of the windows of the abandon fortress, the party eventually split up with Drusilia accompanying Rolak upstairs while Hastriq and Serena explored the bottom floor. It was during this moment that Drusilia became aware of the power that lied within Rolak, that somehow his power stemmed from his orange-cloaked allies, and this power seemed to only become greater when two of his mercenaries fell in combat, luckily one of the souls was spared however the other had succumbed to his wounds left only as a skeleton by the gray ooze that seemed to be scattered throughout the castle. In the main chamber of the castle, Drusilia noticed the banners of the old Rolando Republic and failing to seize one due to her height, however Rolak, himself, managed to achieve the task and gave to Drusilia the banner an action that Drusilia considered to be one of great kindness. Upon returning to Bittore, Drusilia curious about the airships that they saw early in that day, ask her god, Lathander, of them, to which the god uttered only one word: revenge.


The following day, the forces from Fracrezzo arrived and a war council was held to determine the next course of action. It was during this time Drusilia began to question the leadership of Granyte blaming him for the fall of Bittore and Darkholt to which Granyte could only say that during the battles his men were lost and even briefly touched on the former relationship the two once had. Following the advice of Rolak and Hastriq, the company moved eastward to the city of Angelos under the command of Drusilia, and forces were sent south to Darkholt to secure it. Drusilia would divide up the command of their forces with Rolak commanding his mercenaries, Hastriq commanding the Darkline guards, and Ajaw Uaxaclajunn commanding his Naga forces. A strike force consisting of Rolak, Hastriq, Serena, and four of Rolak’s mercernaries was sent into Angelos as the rest of the forces waited for the signal to march forward: a two fireballs shot up into the air. However, the signal didn’t come but the presence of combat was seen in the eyes of the mercenaries that Rolak left behind, their eyes glowing a burning orange as they made haste to the city. Their arrival was timely as the forces finished off the remnants of a Gnoll force that had taken up residence in the city. Drusilia would present Rolak with a rough sketch of a mask that had been haunting her dreams, a mask they both knew presented a threat.

The Muster of the Darkline

The seizing of the city of Angelos was a glorious moment in the life of Drusilia, solidifying herself as a military commander, and a competent one at that. This moment would be brief as a force was advancing upon the recently reclaimed city led by a hooded man seeking to parlay with the commander. Though cautious, Drusilia ordered her commanding officers, Hastriq, Ajaw Uaxaclajunn, Rolak, and Serena to accompany her in the event that negotiations were to go bad. However, this was not the case and the meeting proved to be fruitful in knowledge, with the iron braille book that Serena had found in Darkholt finally being translated which Drusilia ordered the non-essential portions, those containing information to become undead, to be destroyed while the rest she agreed would prove necessary. Following this meeting, the group would travel to nearby towns and villlages to muster a garrison for Angelos, this proved highly successful and the numbers of soldiers rose greatly to roughly 1,000 strong including a group of a dozen of mages, which Drusilia is hesitant to give Serena command over.

Captain Drusilia Nailo

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