Velris Rayne

The Wall of The Void, the Shield of the Final Empire.


Velris Rayne was a lithe male half elf, standing at a rough 5’8” and weighing in at close to 125lbs. Though graced with elven features, Velris had more bulk than a full elf would, and had a very clearly muscular and built frame that would look unnatural on a full elf. Possessing cropped short dark brown hair, slightly tanned flesh, graceful features and pointed ears, he appeared to be an elf in the eyes of most humans who haven’t had the pleasure to meet said race before. However, when compared to elves, Velris was very clearly only a half elf, and his features were too square to be considered true elfin in nature.
However, upon ascending to Death Knight, Velris became skeletal in nature. Standing at 5’8" and weighing in at 80lbs without his armor, Velris is a bare skeleton with unnatural violet flames in place of eyes. Retaining his bulky stature, his bones remain as strong and broad as they had while he was alive.
Velris wears a set of full plate armor, black as the sky on a moonless night and worn out in places with scars of battle. The armor covers every part of his body very effectively, including black gloves to conceal his skeletal hands. Along with the plate armor is a black cape which is old, burnt and torn from many battles with his Void companions, but still proudly worn around his shoulders. The armor is bulky and heavy enough to effectively triple his normal silhouette, adding to his intimidating presence. To complete the armor is a plate helmet with a full visor and a row of sharp spines curving backwards down the center of the helmet.


The Darkstone Line was a theoretically brilliant strategy; build forts and outposts a certain distance away from the breech in the world, man them with as many soldiers as can be afforded, and serve as a rear guard for the evacuation for as long as possible before retreating and rejoining the other forces on the mainland or the islands. However, the problem with theoretical strategies is that there’s always the chance that it will not work in the slightest. When the darkness destroyed outposts faster than the Republic could rebuild them, soldiers lost hope and morale was low. This dip in morale was where Sergeant Velris Rayne came into the picture.
Unknowingly born to one Drusilia Nailo and Sigfrud Granyte, Velris was raised by who he was lead to believe was his uncle; Theatre Commander Granyte of the Darkstone Line. As a boy, Velris showed an aptitude for swordplay and archery, and took to studies of martial combat with the utmost of determination and enthusiasm. There was nothing that Velris enjoyed more than combat, and he wanted to lead the life of a hero as his uncle did; fighting on the Darkstone Line with everything that he could. This posed an opportunity for the Theatre Commander; if Velris could be shaped to be a poster boy for everything the Line stood for, the morale would boost tremendously and there might even be more support from elsewhere in the Republic. As with the theoretical brilliance of the Darkstone Line, this theoretical idea was prone to failure. As Velris grew, so did the forces of the darkness, and the more dangerous the Line became for even the most grizzled of soldiers.
And so, Velris was stuck with castle duty, and told to play it safe whenever he was brought out on the rare patrol. Whenever they came upon creatures of the dark, Velris was told to get to the back of the formation and make sure to not face the creatures himself. If he was to be a poster boy, they weren’t going to risk him being put in danger, since the death of the Theatre Commander’s nephew would undoubtedly be bad for morale. After being sheltered for so long without ever being able to prove himself, Velris was finally put into a squadron that was meant to reinforce one of the smaller outposts on the Line after a suspected mistake in one of their shipments. When they got there, the entire outpost was already decimated; the 109th Darkcrawlers were nothing but a burnt banner and a pile of mutilated bodies in the streets. Needless to say, the sheltered young man that Velris had become was absolutely terrified.
Upon returning to the Theatre Commander with the report, Velris also requested to be transferred to the New Republic lands, with fear claiming his heart he believed there was nothing he could do for the Line. His uncle granted his request and decided to employ him as an envoy to the New Republic, with a request for more boats to be sent to help with the exodus of the Old Republic. The request was to be taken directly to the Governor of Lazzar, and then Velris was to stay in the city until the exodus was complete.
Upon meeting the Governor however, Velris stumbled into a plot to destroy the Republic, and the death of the Governor was placed on him, the group he was with, and the Theatre Commander himself. After being dragged into a fight against the corrupt Palace Guard, Velris was placed in chains and sent to prison to be dealt with on a later date. However, the charisma of assassins was proven that day as one of his previous party members talked his way into the prison and assisted in freeing Velris and the rest of the party before fleeing the city and making their way to the mainland.
On their journeys on the mainland, Velris assisted in the rightful murder of Tanelia Capello, the Captain of the Palace Guard, and became convinced that the power that other members of his party wielded was the key to overcoming his fear and extracting vengeance on the Palace Guard for their deeds against him and his uncle. The absolute admiration for this power has brought Velris a very basic grasp of The Song, a fading sense of moral judgement, and a strong devotion to the party members who strive to further their own power within The Song.
After realizing his connection to magic forces, Velris was taken as the apprentice to Cecil, and became dogmatically loyal to the wise Necromancer. He looked up to Cecil and followed any orders given, doing his damnedest to protect his mentor when magic couldn’t do the trick. He also found an equal in Zelik, someone he could fight to a standstill and who he respected as a very powerful combatant. After some time of adventuring, he came to find a friend in Urist Uristson, a brother in a land that needed the calming notes of The Void. Then he simply found a woman he fancied and respected in Amanea, someone he sought to protect for no reason more than because she had a way with words.
When the time came, Velris gave himself to The Void as a whole. He let his mind wander the Void as he completed the Death Knight ritual with the calmness of the Void filling his every thought. He found something even greater to protect that day, and when he came to the state of unlife as a Death Knight with Urist, he discovered he had even more resolve to protect his mentor and the Void he sought to bring forth into the world through the Final Empire.
And so Velris, the Wall of The Void and the Shield of the Final Empire, took up arms and aided his mentor to the Library where Cecil retrieved Void Vine and achieved Lichdom with Amanea. A soldier to his very core, Velris follows the will of his mentor and seeks to bring forth the Final Empire, his every moment of eternity spent striking the fear of the Void into its enemies. When fear won’t do, an axe will work just as well.

Velris Rayne

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